The Humanist Alliance of the Philippines, International (HAPI) is, to date, the only functional and SEC registered secular humanist organization in the Philippines with community outreach activities, such as the HAPI-Nutricamp, the HAPI Libraries and the HAPI-Nest and Farm, as well as an annual nationwide event called HAPI Trees.

Although, an international society with members across the globe, our main focus is to make a difference in the Philippines. Most of our members are with Filipino heritage, but most donors are OFW’s and foreigners with no vested interest in the Philippines.

The very first successful event was dubbed as the HAPI Nutritional Campaign (HAPI-Nutricamp) based in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines. In-line with the organization’s desire to alleviate poverty in the Philippines, our project kick-off centered on a tiny sector in the outskirts of the capital metropolis with the hopes of replicating it in other provinces. The event was so successful, that it is already self-sufficient, thanks to the newly developed community outreach project called HAPI-Nest and Farm whose stakeholders are the officers of HAPI Core and HAPI-Leadership. This project has been endorsed to Jamie del Rosario Martinez, HAPI NutriCamp Project Manager, as an income generating project to continue HAPI-Nutricamp without help from the HAPI-Iinternational Council (HAPI – IC).

More than a feeding event for children, The HAPI Nutricamp project has also added the HAPI-Literacy program headed by Jahziel Tayco Ferrer, AED, with help from our recently acquired partner, the Lyceum University Debate Society (LDS). The topics are about, and designed to develop, critical thinking, ethics and morality, logic and reasoning skills to contribute to the well-rounded intellectual development of LDS-HAPI students through exposure to different concepts and issues. Course objectives are anchored to the Expected LDS-HAPI Graduate Attributes (ELHGA) identified by the LDS Executive Council. .

Another very successful avenue of humanism is the nationwide HAPI- Trees , a project initiated by Jennifer Gutierrez, Former HAPI Executive Director. During events, all chapters all over the Philippine archipelago plant trees simultaneously. We are currently in our second year of successfully executing this massive tree planting project. This effort has been lauded internationally, especially by Foundation Beyond Belief, earning an award for Ms. Gutierrez as Humanist Innovator 2015. She resigned on Sept 15, 2017.



We only have one life to live, so do the best you can.

The HAPI logo also signifies our work .


This logo has five human symbols that signify the important tenets of HAPI (called “SHARE”):
S – Secularism of State
H – Humane Treatment & Freedom from Discrimination and Equality of Human Rights
A – Advancement of Reason & Logic and Science
R – Respect for Individuality and the Democratic Process
E – Environmental humanism
These human symbols are not boxed, denoting that we are not contained in a certain belief system. We are free and dynamic. We are interconnected and flow freely. Whether or not we have differences in features and beliefs, we will still find a certain commonality.


new : Abucay, Pilar, Sorsogon – HAPI-SHADE – care of Janice Buenaventura
Alabang , Muntinlupa – HAPI- Kids Nutrition Campaign – c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
Alabang , Muntinlupa – HAPI – SHADE – SOGIE HAPI SHADE : Secular Humanist Advocacy Development and Education
Mandaue, Cebu – HAPI-Compre (HAPI-SHADE) HAPI SHADE : Secular Humanist Advocacy Development and Education c/o Alain Sayson Presillas and Arlene Esdrelon
Mansilingan, Bacolod – HAPI-SHADE HAPI SHADE : Secular Humanist Advocacy Development and Education c/o Peachy Cancio and Tatz Gallardo
HAPI-ARK (Bacolod) – Twice a year : June and December c/o Bryanito Pigilito Valentino
HAPI -Green Movement – including education about Climate change, environmental issues
tree planting, and evaluation of trees after planting- Consultant Art Alvarez and Mark Richardson
HAPI- Humanist Store and Merchandise – Alabang HAPI Humanist Store & Merchandise c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
HAPI- Nest and Farm – Cavite HAPI-Nest and Farm c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
HAPI-Aquaponics – in planning stage yet c/o Alvin John Ballares and Michael Sherman
HAPI-General Assembly and International Art Exhibit in Bacolod..- in planning stage yet
c/o HAPI – Bacolod Humanist Alliance Philippines, International team and Lucille V. Hoersten