Marissa Torres Langseth RN MSN, Adult Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified, retired on Oct 2015

Sept 15, 2016

Marissa Torres Langseth, also known as ‘Ms. M’, rose from humble beginnings and managed to become financially independent at an early age. She strove to help her family and the occasional needy. She finished her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Cebu, Philippines then worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for four years. She traveled to the USA in 1990, working 3 jobs in the early years of her stay in NYC, USA and also returned  to school for a masteral in Nursing and the Adult Nurse Practitioner Certificate. She has been a US citizen since 1995 and has been happily married since 1996.

She created the Philippine Atheist and Agnostics Society or “PATAS” (the abbreviate stands for “equality” in Tagalog) on Feb 14, 2011. She moved-away from PATAS on December 2013 to found the Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI), both to catch the hats of those who would leave PATAS and to create a newer and better avenue to spread Humanism.  Despite several setbacks and challenges, HAPI has repeatedly bounced back, learning from past mistakes. She was responsible for the seed money of both PATAS and HAPI, and is still the biggest donor of HAPI to date. She has been a VOLUNTEER activist since November, 2010.

Ms. M  retired from the United Health Group as an Adult Nurse Practitioner   last October 2015.

“Life is no longer about pursuing money, but making oneself happy and HAPI” – Ms. M.

She is scheduled to become a HAPI Chairwoman Emeritus on January 2017, giving way to the new leadership in HAPI and passing the torch of successful advocacy in humanism to Marco Mendoza,  as the new Overall Chairperson.

Ms. M travels the world every 3 months with her much beloved Norwegian-German American husband.

Ms. M remains a committed philanthropist to HAPI and some secular societies in the USA.

ms Ms at home thinking of how to make atheism blossom in the Philippines.

Ms M  is a pioneering organizer of SEC registered secularist organizations in the Philippines (PATAS and HAPI)

HAPI Achievements  since inception – Dec 2013 to Oct, 2016

HAPI libraries – Feb 2014 x 3 * most books donated by Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M and David E. Bussiere
HAPI Affiliation with AAI, IHEU, IHEYO Be Secular.
HAPI Library – computer set for the kids donated by Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M
HAPI Nutricamp – Jan 2015 HAPI- Kids Nutrition Campaign in Alabang – ongoing monthly by Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
Humanist Alliance Philippines, International- Merchandise -…: button pins, professional pins, patches, mugs
HAPI Trees -annually started Sept 2015 by Jennifer C. Gutierrez, HAPI ED
HAPI Representation in IHEYO Asian Humanism in SG and Taiwan by Danielle Hill
HAPI-Nest and Farm – July 2016 by HAPI-Leadership – income generating project
HAPI Literacy – May 2016 by Jahziel Tayco Ferrer
HAPI General Assembly in Cebu , Feb 2015
HAPI-Compre – Student lead society, a spin off of HAPI-Cebu and Bohol Humanist Alliance Philippines,…
January 2016 – Ms M became a member of BOD of Godless Grace Foundation
June 2016 – Jennifer C. Gutierrez was awarded the HUMANIST Innovator 2015 by Foundation Beyond Belief, USA
Books depicting Marissa Torres Langseth aka ms M’s activism : Godless Grace: How Nonbelievers Make the World Safer,… released Feb 2016, NYC, USA pp. 33-35
and @Personal Paths to Humanism Volume 1 – released May, 2016 at the American Humanist Association convention in Chicago, USA – pp 79-83
Ongoing projects:
new HAPI website with hosting and all bells and whistles c/o Bryan Valentino, J-rik Villa
Planned HAPI con with IHEYO (Asian Humanism in Manila – June 10-11, 2017