HAPI Literacy: Feeding Minds, Giving Hope

Posted by admin | Posted on March 28, 2016

By Jahziel Tayco Ferrer

Being with HAPI gives me an opportunity to help create the
kind of change that I want to see. It has always been my desire to see fellow
Filipinos who can think logically and produce ideas that will benefit humanity.
To achieve this goal, we are starting to implement the HAPI Literacy.
The HAPI Literacy is a project for impoverished children in
the Kindergarten level. Through this, we will provide our HAPI kids
supplemental education by teaching them how to read, write, and develop
critical thinking.   To determine the starting point of our
beneficiaries, we gave them an assessment exam last February 14. Twenty one
children participated in the said activity.
As of the moment, we are training volunteers who will help
us implement the program. The training started on March 6 with nine teenagers
who registered to become volunteers.  
The Beneficiaries of the HAPI Literacy


Training the Volunteers

The HAPI Literacy is just a starter package. We have more
plans to spread humanism and critical thinking for our younglings, because they
are our future.  As a humanist educator,
I believe that these children are our hope for a better and more rational


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