A Glimpse of Future HAPI Projects with the Dumagat Tribe

HAPI CEO Angie Driskell and HAPI CFO Mutya Valenzuela returned to the Dumagat community in Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan, to offer essential items to 50 children and adults last April 7, 2024. They distributed clothes, shoes, bags, and toys, and the community was treated to hearty meals consisting of pancit noodles, bread, and treats.

Prior to this visit, the relationship between HAPI and the Dumagat tribe centered on HAPI’s mission to promote humanism, equality, and secularism, as well as to advocate for the rights and welfare of marginalized communities like the Dumagat indigenous people. This shared mission has fostered a strong rapport between HAPI and the tribe.

After the donation, a discussion was held by Kristel, a dedicated HAPI volunteer committed to improving educational opportunities for Dumagat children. The tribe faces a critical need for education: they prioritize elementary schooling over higher education due to cultural norms that often lead them to early marriage, sometimes as young as 13 years old. This underscores the importance of tailored educational programs that respect their cultural context while providing essential learning opportunities. HAPI looks forward to implementing more educational activities in the community to support their needs.

Following the discussion, HAPI reiterated its commitment to future collaborations with the Dumagat tribe. As an isolated community, the tribe lacks access to medical care, as highlighted by Chief Avelino. With the nearest hospital located two to three hours away, obtaining medical assistance is challenging. To address this, HAPI plans a comprehensive medical mission, including x-rays, dental check-ups, and more, aiming to provide essential healthcare directly to the Dumagat community.

Through various initiatives such as community outreach programs, educational campaigns, and collaborative projects, HAPI aims to foster understanding, respect, and solidarity with indigenous groups like the Dumagat, thereby fulfilling its organizational goals.

HAPI extends gratitude to Rozel Ortigoza for generously donating clothes, shoes, bags, and toys, and to the anonymous donor for providing snacks. Additionally, the organization would also like to express gratitude towards the volunteers that helped with the journey to make the event smooth and efficient.

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