HAPI-Bacolod meets anew, plans ways forward

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HAPI-Bacolod meets anew, plans ways forward

By Joshua O. Villalobos
HAPI-Bacolod Member & HAPI Scholar

Eldemar Sabete led the meeting of HAPI-Bacolod last May 15, 2022 at a local café.

May 2022, BACOLOD CITY – A week after the historical national elections, members and officers of the Humanist Alliance Philippines, International – Bacolod Chapter met to process their feelings and emotions towards the outcome of the elections, assess their performance in the past months, and plan for the months ahead.

The HAPI chapter discussed its plan to increase the membership number of the chapter, implement activities and events for Pride Month in June, as well as the upcoming visit of officers from the HAPI national team.

To elaborate, HAPI officers will come to Bacolod and Negros Occidental this month in order to conduct a series of activities which includes workshops, gift-givings, and assessments. This will be an essential initiative for them to be able to touch base with the local HAPI chapters.

Among the plans of HAPI-Bacolod is an activity in June to celebrate and raise awareness of the issues faced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is not the first time that HAPI Bacolod has led an activity on Pride Month as it has been a tradition for the chapter to hold an event during this time of year.

In fact, HAPI was one of the lead organizers of Bacolod City’s Pride Parade 2019 where hundreds of members of the community joined. Though the team is currently not trying to do something as big as that, we will nevertheless do something just as important. The team is still finalizing the details and will publish the information once ready.

HAPI-Bacolod will also release an online membership form to increase their membership and allow like-minded Bacolodnons and Negrosanons to join their cause.

“As long as our members got a burning heart, the chapter of Bacolod will continue to strive to bring change and spread humanism in every community we belong!” Eldemar Sabete, head of HAPI-Bacolod, beamed.

For updates on the different plans and programs of HAPI-Bacolod, please follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HAPIBCD. #

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