HAPI-Bulacan Continues to Inspire Kids

“Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine.”
– Yawar Baig

HAPI-Bulacan actively caters to the next generation and makes events carefully tailored to improve their cognitive and emotional skills. The chapter organized the kids to gather and socialize last March 10, 2024. The day was full of activities wherein the children’s abilities were honed and appreciated.

Irine Dipano, HAPI Social Media Manager, led a reading of the book “I Can Do Hard Things” by Gabi Garcia where she engaged the kids through her vibrant storytelling and entertained all of their questions. This book explores the difficult experiences that children have and how we could assist them in finding their inner resilience and fortitude. The kids were visibly excited and curious about the book.

“Reading an inspiring book like ‘I Can Do Hard Things’ can help the kids build their confidence and strengthen their emotional skills. They also broadened their understanding when we asked them if it is easy for them to forgive a person since it was one of the phrases in the book,” Irine said about her first-hand experience with the children.

Their creativity was then put to the test when they were divided into teams and tasked to draw using colorful sand. They showcased their skills by drawing things such as houses, trees, and things they observed in their surroundings. It is vital to teach young minds the importance of creativity in their life. This imaginativeness will motivate kids to learn, prompt emotional development, and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Another crucial characteristic explored in the event is the kids’ awareness and knowledge about taking care of the environment. The children were tasked to design and turn plastic bottles into coin banks. Teaching kids even just a glimpse of how to recycle can help them realize that they are making a difference for our planet and will continue practicing the habit of recycling. On top of that, educating children about saving money at a young age can be a foundation for a better and brighter financial future that can help them.

“At first, I felt nervous because it was my first time teaching children, and whatever they learned from me, they would carry with them,” Irine shared. “But when there was interaction and I knew some of them, I became comfortable. It was a happy and exciting experience teaching kids.”

She added that this experience was the start of her teaching journey as she took up a bachelor’s degree in education.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important events like this one are for children. It gives them an avenue for sharing their ideas and learning new concepts that will help them shape their community. It is essential to expose them to humanistic ideas for them to be a progressive member of society and future role models.

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Glemir Sordilla is the HAPI Associate Editor and a true-blue Bacoleña!

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