HAPI Kids Explore the Solar System!

One’s knowledge is displayed through one’s creativity. On March 24, 2024, HAPI-Bulacan conducted an activity for the children, tackling different activities about the Solar System that aimed to give them knowledge about space and instil creativity in their minds.

The activity centered around the book “Hello, World! Solar System” by Jill McDonald (copies of which were helpfully donated to us by Humanist Global Charity). The book aims to educate children about the sun, moon, stars, and every planet in the Solar System. It achieves this by presenting information through vibrant colors, diverse shapes, varying sizes, and digestible facts. The activity condensed the creativity and knowledge within the book for our young audience. In line with the goal, the kids explored different characteristics of each planet in the Solar System. They were visibly amazed by the content inside the book, particularly the bright-colored illustrations.

Following the discussion, the children were tasked to craft their rendition of the Solar System. Utilizing materials like styrofoam, acrylic paint, and illustration boards, their imaginations were unleashed. As a collaborative activity, it also fostered teamwork among the children as they discussed what paint color to use and which styrofoam was appropriate for the sizes of the planets. On top of this, the children also took turns reading descriptions of each planet in the Solar System. 

Delving into the Solar System transcends academic study; it represents a vital expedition that sparks curiosity, nurtures critical thinking, and cultivates a critical understanding in the minds of the children. Learning about the Solar System is of immense importance as it shapes their perspectives and instills in them a lifelong appreciation for the wonders of science and exploration. The children also come to understand that Earth is but one small world in a vast universe, one where a myriad of amazing lifeforms can live and thrive.

HAPI-Bulacan extends its appreciation to Humanist Global Charity for generously donating the books and helping facilitate engaging discussions about the Solar System. We also express gratitude to Ms. Anne Christine Valenzuela for generously providing snacks for the children.

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Shawn Evans Quiming

Shawn Evans Quiming is a HAPIsko who currently serves as the HAPI Website Manager.

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