The Youth of HAPI-Alabang Go on a Book Drive

Posted by Contributor | Posted on April 23, 2023

A good book drive can support dozens of kids and adults in their attempt to gain understanding or escape the real world. They are a means of offering access to books for the ones without opportunities. Thus, the HAPI-Alabang youth volunteers headed to a community that lives near the railroad tracks last April 7, 2023 to distribute textbooks and novels to people who needed them.

The volunteers compiled a wide variety of books for the locals, including textbooks, story books, admission books, fiction and non-fiction books, cooking books, and others. Such was the kids’ excitement that even as the volunteers unpacked the books, some were already picking out what they wanted to get! Upon hearing that kids in a more remote area of the community wanted books but couldn’t come to browse, the volunteers moved the collection nearer to them. Over 350 books were given away to approximately 60 kids and teens and 20 adults in Alabang.

Angie Driskell, HAPI Junior Ambassador, explained why these book drives are so important. “The second book drive in Alabang was very successful because more children were able to choose books that can help them with their schoolwork,” she said. “We have to help motivate them and remind them that education is very important. If there are no public libraries for them to access, then it is even more important to bring books to them.”

With the Philippine summer amping up, the children were also given ice pops to make the intense heat more tolerable. HAPI-Alabang is looking forward to seeing their happy faces again soon.


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