A HAPI Camper – the HAPI Tree Planting Project 2016

Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on September 16, 2016
Written by Jean Karla M. Tapao

Last September 11, 2016, twenty one (21) Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) chapters from all across the Philippines took part in the 2nd HAPI Tree Planting event. The event relied mainly on donors and volunteers alone.

The Manila chapter of the HAPI Tree Planting Project was held at the La Mesa Dam Forest Reserve, Quezon City. It was successfully done with hundreds of participants coming from different locations in Metro Manila and  was supported by the DENR. It was hosted by HAPI Executive Director Ms. Jennifer C. Gutierrez and the Assistant Executive Director Ms. Jahziel T. Ferrer.

Most of the participants were members of various groups and organizations, certified HAPI members, volunteers, and walk-ins who became true heroes of nature by planting trees.

One of the most important sources of knowledge in this event was the orientation of DENR foresters where they disseminated information about the value of planting trees.
According to the foresters planting trees is easy, but the process of growing plants is dependent on how a person plants the seedlings. The welcome and highly praised short talk  by the DENR foresters can help any average person become a self-made environmentalist through their own skill and interest.
DENR foresters to  talk about tree planting
“It is not about planting and growing,”   DENR foresters to  talk about tree planting
Our world that has given birth to countless evolved species has received many names throughout humanity’s short but highly influential existence on it, from the Greek ‘Gaia’ (gayə) and the Latin ‘Terra’ (tɛrə), through the more recent and modern names of ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’, this project not only helps to heal and to fight against dangerous climate change that is fastly sweeping across her surface, it also educates us on how to be aware about the causes and effects of environmental problems .
The learning process and the experience are the best rewards that come out of events like these, lessons and experiences that should be maintained and continued if we wish to impart a lasting and fruitful world to those who will come after us. We look forward to and are excited for the next HAPI Tree Planting Project’s event next year.

List of HAPI chapters that took part in the event.
HAPI featured in SunStar Cebu Newspaper: HAPI Tree Planting Project Cebu  

Some HAPI chapters’ photos.


HAPI Aklan Chapter
HAPI Baybay chapter

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