HAPI Bacolod: 2021 Project Planning

Posted by Javan Poblador | Posted on January 21, 2021

HAPI Bacolod: 2021 Project Planning

by Eldemar Sabete
Bacolod City


Humanist Alliance Philippines International Junior Bacolod (HAPI Jr. Bacolod) successfully conducted their 2021 Project Planning done last January 9, 2021, at Kapetalismo, Barangay Bata, Bacolod City.

hapi bacolod

Project Planning is an annual event of the HAPI wing with the purpose of collecting ideas, maintaining events, making possible projects, and evaluating past occasions. It is significant to conduct this kind of activity annually not only to maintain the productivity of one’s organization but also to strengthen the pillars of the organization through assessment such as determining our weaknesses and strengths based on last year’s performance. In this manner, it can improve the execution and proposal of projects which is expected to deliver greater results.

The said affair was participated and initiated by the HAPI Junior, a project founded 3 years ago by HAPI Bacolod. The highlight of 2021 Project Planning was the recreation of the “Calendar of Activities”; a timeline for the year’s possible activities that indicates its implementation date. During the planning, Juniors has stepped up to became part of the bigger scale of HAPI with the occurrence of election which resulted in the new set of officers for the revival of the HAPI Bacolod Chapter.

In addition, an agenda in revamping the HAPI Bacolod’s social media platforms were discussed having the motive to boost its exposure to social media platforms and a strategy to seek many audiences for future interest. The event ended with excitement as everyone was ready to unleash the reserved activities for this year and hungry for broadening the scope of humanism and alliance; a renewed chapter was then written. 

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Head, Humanist Alliance of the Philippines International Junior, Bacolod City. Senior High School student. HAPI Scholar.

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