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Posted by Shane | Posted on July 25, 2021

By Angie Driskell
HAPI Jr. Ambassador

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Not only did the pandemic make it difficult to spend time with the children of Manila and Caloocan City throughout 2020, it also made it near-impossible to mount any of HAPI Jr.’s planned events. But finally, last July 18, everything came full circle with HAPI Jr. – Family Fair. It was HAPI Jr.’s first event of the year and there was a lot of catching up to do.

During the event, the children were first given pots with soil and seeds and were told how to grow vegetables in an effort to promote both healthier eating habits and productivity at home. The younger children received vitamins and the older children received hygiene kits along with their pots and seeds. There was then a short introduction to HAPI, its goals, and what it stands for to help the parents better understand our advocacies.

The parents and children then took part in a First Aid Seminar conducted by Anne Christine Valenzuela, R.N. of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center. This included an actual demonstration. After the seminar, lunch was served. 

After lunch, a short talk was given by HAPI Jr. Ambassador, Angie Driskell, explaining the advantages of using reusable sanitary napkins as opposed to using disposable products. Each parent received a pack of feminine hygiene products, including a reusable napkin. 

The event ended with bags of fresh vegetables to take home and pedicures for any of the guardians who wanted the service. This was a way to pamper themselves for all their hard work and long hours taking care of their families. It is important to mention that there were several fathers who also joined us. We encourage more men to participate in our events!

Currently, HAPI Jr. is gearing up for more educational programs and events in Caloocan City. Nothing can stop us, not even the rain!

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