Bread Giving Drive by HAPI-Zambales

Posted by Marissa Langseth | Posted on September 27, 2021


“The sharing of food is like breaking a bread, it’s very symbolic” – Robert Irvine

The success and achievements of HAPI Zambales were witnessed with their 6th wave of their Bread Giving Drive which took place last August 18, 2021, at San Marcelino District Hospital . This time with the patients of said hospital being the recipients, HAPI Zambales pioneered and continues to gain forward momentum with the Bread Giving Drive which has since inspired many. Led by Garry Rabang and Anthony Van Catayong, they gave out 100 packs of bread rolls which delighted the patients.

Due to the continued success of the drive, a 7th wave took place on the 3rd of September. Residents of Alusiis of San Narciso, fisherfolk community of Brgy. Camiing, Cabangan, and the patients of San Marcelino District were the lucky ones who were given delicious pieces of bread. Puto Kutsinta bilaos were also generously offered to the modern-day heroes, the resilient staff, and frontliners of SMDH Shelter of Hope. An 8th wave was successfully wrapped up last September 17.

Bread has always been one of the symbols of food and life. It’s a staple on our everyday coffee breaks or afternoon snacks. HAPI Zambales’ incredible project reminds us that a simple piece of bread, coupled with a heart that has a desire to help can already be a tremendous source of inspiration to other people.

With the constant progress of the Bread Giving Drive, a 9th wave is surely in the works. HAPI Zambales extends their utmost gratitude to donors and partners that made these events a resounding success. The people behind these events are a huge part of driving the Bread Giving Drive forward.

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