Humanism re-defined: Transcending beyond Atheism or Theism

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By: Bro. Rholdee L., Spiritual Humanist
First published on 10/03/2014

As Humanists, we transcend beyond Atheism, Theism or the likes in between. The issue here is not proving about the existence of God. The real issue here is, “can we be good without God?” If there is God, then we ask ourselves “can we be as good as God?” If we also view God as an egoistic creator, then let’s ask, “How can I be good unlike God?”
We as human beings are entitled for our beliefs. Spiritual maturity is a process. Sometimes we are just too egoistically driven that we do not admit unto ourselves that no matter what we do, there are things that the logic we use in our 3-dimentional minds could not comprehend. Some people stop to ask questions and accept things as it is, while others continue to seek.
No matter what we believe in, let us remember that it’s our actions that make us a better person, and not our ‘version’ of God. In continuing these meaningless fights between religious groups and non-believers, we are not addressing the real issue.
The world needs to be healed using genuine love and compassion and not words of hate, mockery and insult.
To Atheists:
Isn’t it clear that it is us who create our reality? Why not start doing something to make this world a better place to live in?
To Theists:
Isn’t it clear to us that we are created in the image and likeness of God? If we have God’s DNA, why not create a better world to live in?
Whatever might be our stand, let us remember that what divides us is just a wall of illusion.
We are NOT our beliefs.
Beyond our ideals lies the truth of our humanity.
We are here to experience life that is meant to be shared with others and cherished!
We are here to love and be loved.
We are made up of the same substance that is present in all stars and planets in the Universe. Isn’t it amazing how can we move and think knowing that we are just made up of non-living molecular substances?
Maybe the Universe is alive and all stars, planets and everything we thought that are non-living materials are its gigantic molecular components?
Or could it be that we are the Universe within the Universe itself?
Maybe within us are other Universes as well?
We really don’t know.
But here’s what I’ve got to say.
Let us be more tolerant my fellow humanists.
We are just One, being expressed differently in a short period of time.
When I look into your eyes, I know that the ‘Spirit (Energy)’ I see in you, is also the ‘Spirit (Energy)’ in me. To hurt you, is to hurt myself..
..and to love you, is to love myself more.
We are One.

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